“Babe! Babe! Wake up!”

Suddenly, she pulls the thick dark blue drapes apart and sunlight fills the bed sitter. There are three sets of windows in the small shark. One for each wall. But one is enough for now.

It does the trick – I am wide awake. Like a vampire, allergic to light.

My head is pounding. And my eyes are red. My mouth dry as a bone.

A pack of condoms is on the table beside the bed. Untouched. “Oh fuck!”

“Don’t worry, we used another pack you animal.” I’m confused whether to take the last part as a compliment or insult. I sit on the bed, sheets wrapped around my legs, and notice the used pack on the floor just beside her pink underwear.

‘Thank God!” I almost say a prayer, in gratitude.

A bottle of Gilbeys is on the small table a few feet away, with two tumblers next to it. An empty White Cap can as well.

A makeshift ash tray with several cigarette butts. I can smell the residual fumes and they are not of Dunhill or Embassy. Someone was definitely smoking weed in my small den. Only one suspect comes to mind.

“What happened last night?” I manage to ask, finally. My head is exploding.

A flawless figure stood at the window. I can barely make out the face so I squint my eyes at the hour-glass silhouette. I gaze at her for a few seconds, rub my eyes and then stare again. It’s not a dream. We’re in my bedsitter in Starehe. Somewhere on the second floor of a poorly built flat which could collapse at any time. Her long dark hair flows over her shoulders and conveniently covers her chest.

She’s slender. An athlete’s body. No pound of fat. A flat tummy. Exactly my type.

Her pose is one for the lights and cameras. I was certain she’d ask me to take a shot of her against the sun rays. She doesn’t because she’s still naked. And I’m still gazing.

She walks away from the window and along the edge of the bed and comes to my side. My eyes still fixed on her like a cheetah’s to prey.

“Last night was one of your best nights! Well, if we go by what you were saying.”

She smiles and leans on me. Not a single fabric on her perfect being.

Her breasts are still firm. Her skin tone just right. Not too dark or too light. There’s a birth mark on her left thigh and a beautifully done tattoo on the right. How on earth did I score such a fine babe? I mean, I know I gat game but not this much bana. I know my league and she’s clearly nowhere near it.

I realise I’m also butt naked. But at least half of me is still covered by the sheets.

Neither of us is bothered to change the clothing situation. At least not now.

Her gaze is killing me, softly. My memory from the last night is foggy and I’m desperate to recover every bit of it. It must have been some night.

Then I remember it’s a Monday and I have an 8 to 5.

“I need to get to work. What time is it?”

“Ooh speaking of, there’s a ‘Carol HR Department’ that was calling you earlier.

Sounded important. She rang twice in a row.”

“What did she say?”

“I didn’t pick. That’s why I woke you up after she called the second time.”

“My head is pounding like hell.”

“Well, you know what they say, gin cures all,” she says and reaches for the Gilbeys.

I’ve never heard that saying but I’d take anything for this headache.

She pours the gin in the tumblers and hands me one.

I’m not a gin guy but what the heck! Bottoms up.

She pours another round and we toast. She takes my tumbler and throws both of them down on the floor, hops onto me and kisses me softly and slowly. My testosterone levels are spiking steadily and so is my heart rate. We’re both breathing heavily by now.

I reach for the Durex pack and tear it up.

My phone is vibrating, again. Carol can wait!

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