I’ve had a long day at the office. Being a Monday, I didn’t expect anything less. And it’s barely noon. Not sure how I’ll survive the rest of it.

It’s one of those days when your boss seems to be in a foul mood, your sales calls are all hitting a brick wall, and the weather is not co-operating at all.

My phone rings. Number “Unknown.” Basic instinct is to ignore. And I do.

Just a few weeks ago, I ended a highly toxic relationship that I let go on for far too long. It was messy. But the breakup was inevitable. The guy, a psycho, has been stalking me ever since. To a point where I’m afraid for my life. Constant calls and messages, girls you how these hyenas roll. So, I blocked all his numbers but he’s been calling using different numbers. I’ve considered taking a protection order against him but decided against it.

I work in sales. Normally, I hand out my card to potential clients after a pitch. Some call me back but most don’t. In any case, I’m usually the one who pesters them will calls, “Uum Mr. Mwenesi, Shiru here from Meadow Brooks Inc. Just a quick call to see whether you have considered my proposal from last week.”

It’s a tasking job but I love every minute of it.

There’s an email from a James.

Subject: Follow Up on Today’s Meeting. I double click.

It read;

Good day Shiru,

 Trust your day is unfolding on well.

This is James, we met earlier this morning as you were heading to work.
You gave me your card and said we could continue our small ‘meeting’ over lunch.
 I’ve tried calling to no avail. My number ends with 150.
 Kindly do get back to me.

 James M. 

“Ooh crap! James!”

I reach for my phone, see the missed call and dial back.

It rings for a while and is almost disconnected when a male voice answers, “Hello.”

“Shiru here. Is this James?”

“Yes, it is. You are a tough one to get hold of.”

“Yeah, I just got your message. Been a hectic day at the office.”

“If you want to cancel, I totally understand. I know Mondays aren’t the best of days for a rendezvous.”

He’s right. But I could definitely use a break from the office madness. Plus, I haven’t had anything since morning. I’m starving.

“Raincheck?” He asks.

“No, it’s okay. A few minutes away from the office will do me more good than harm.”

“Great. Meet me out front then. Right where we met in the morning.”

“Be there in 5.”

I still have doubts about this guy. My history with dudes has left with a few scars. From mad men to serial stalkers, abusive to serial cheaters.

I close the tabs on my laptop. Just before I hit sleep, a pop up from Tuko News: City Strangler Strikes Again.

Preview text reads: A young woman’s body was found dumped along Juja Road. The sixth in the past eight months. Police are yet to make any arrests.

“What if he’s a serial killer?” You’re being paranoid Shiru.

Only one way to find out though. I grab my clutch and head out.

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